History of Wequetonsing G.C.

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Wequetonsing Golf Club (September 1, 1896)

First mention of this use of the "Weque grounds" for "sports" is noted in Book No. 2, page thirty, in the original minute books of the Wequetonsing Association. The compiler suspects that some form of "rough golf" was played during the years of 1894 through 1896, and apparently became more formalized in 1896 with the formation of a Golf Commmittee. The Weque minutes mention the first "Executive Committee" composed of the first members:

Weque has perfected a golf link club and elected Dr. Wm. H. M. Curtis, President; G.W. Brown, Secretary; Wm. Lloyd, Treasurer. They have rented the Blackbird farm and are making every improvement necessary to make the links perfect.


First Members

  • Miss May Reber, Chairman
  • Dr. Wm H.M. Curtis
  • Miss Minnie Scott
  • George W. Knight
  • W.W. House